About Heelan Music
“If she’s heard it, she can play it”.  For Mary Ellen Heelan, also a board-
certified Music Therapist, Serendipity comes naturally.  Since she plays
by ear as well as by note, she is always ready for an impromptu solo
or duet that might include one of your guests, or for on-the-spot
accompaniment for a relative who has written a tribute song in honor of
a happy couple.
What makes us different? We’re versatile, flexible and spontaneous.  Mary Ellen, of
Heelan Music, has a gift for connecting with listeners.  There are no “canned programs”.  
Whether it is a wedding, a reception or fundraiser, a memorial service or a program for
seniors, your event is customized especially for you.
Welcome to Heelan Music. Explore our site
and let us help make your next event a success.